Seattle in Flames

Seattle in Flames

  Voracious the city feeds, it grows with its concrete arms squashing primordial virtue, creating ecosystems of opulence, of fantasy, of misery, of utopia versus reality. The city keeps growing incessant, cold, humid, impatient with its steel, long-necked beasts devouring forests, lakes history, martyrs stories and memories, washing away faults and fortunes, creating magnificent infrastructure [...]

My Body of Water

My body of water Evaporates in the breeze Condenses, accumulates Falls from the sky in little tears. Runs free through the rivers Waterfalls and rapids Sleeps among the lakes And plays in hot springs. Weary of its travels now Impatient in the low lands It slips out discreetly To sleep in calmer waters. Translated by... Martin [...]

I Am My Own Labyrinth

Brown my landscapes were conceived, and haughty my hillsides rose up, Castilian my ideas suddenly flowed and my hairs were a thousand serpents. I was borne out of the ancient bonfires of my demons without the weighty vesture of my body, then covered in alabaster was my system, in cosmic dust my core, in marble [...]

My Roots…

...Grow slowly and slowly they spread, infinite and, timid, they feed but do not cease, they devour everything and everything is never enough, they want more. From my mouth they flow sonorous, they change everything like prose gilded in glinting letters, but pay them no mind… run! hide! they lie, a structureless world cannot be [...]

Before the First Kiss

For me… for me speaks my voice, my nervous fingers, my short memory that needs to think more than once about how to describe this feeling to you, what is and what you cannot understand, that which escapes from my sad eyes in its frustrated attempt at being, even if just for a moment, understood. [...]