The Woman inside

I sing to the girl who sleeps between my eyebrows, and between dreams of utopian cities and hellish fears she lies awake. The torchlight woman of my beaming eyes, the one who grins, plays in my unbridled hair, the one in my arms, the one in my legs, the one who weaves gold and silver [...]

My Roots…

...Grow slowly and slowly they spread, infinite and, timid, they feed but do not cease, they devour everything and everything is never enough, they want more. From my mouth they flow sonorous, they change everything like prose gilded in glinting letters, but pay them no mind… run! hide! they lie, a structureless world cannot be [...]

¡Solo quiero bailar!

La calle se larga luminosa y promiscua se arquea indecorosa a la altura del teatro y más allá, una sonrisa se esgrime tentadora y un par de ojos me guiñan en la sombra pero yo, solo quiero bailar. La muchedumbre se arremolina intoxicada de expectativas en las esquinas, los restaurantes tlac, tlac, tlac, los tacones [...]

Mi cuerpo de agua

Mi cuerpo de agua Se evapora con la brisa Se condensa, se acumula Cae del cielo en lagrimitas. Corre libre por los ríos Cascadas y raudales Duerme entre los lagos Y juega en manantiales. Ya cansado de viajar Impaciente en tierras bajas Se filtra sigiloso A descansar en aguas calmas. Poema seleccionada como parte de [...]

Before the First Kiss

For me… for me speaks my voice, my nervous fingers, my short memory that needs to think more than once about how to describe this feeling to you, what is and what you cannot understand, that which escapes from my sad eyes in its frustrated attempt at being, even if just for a moment, understood. [...]

My Harvest Moons

Sometimes, my eyes become huge like two moons and want to absorb everything, and everything seems to fit inside them. Their lashes scrape against the wind with every blink and my eyebrows raise disdainfully like the legs of a ballerina, my nose wrinkles up mystically, the volcanoes beneath my cheekbones explode and I bite my [...]

Mi cuerpo de agua…

4Culture compartió un enlace en el evento Poetry on Buses Launch Party. 1 h · Here's another sneak peek for you before the event - Enmanuel R. Arjona and Moises Himmelfarb read their #PoetryonBuses poems! You'll see them and LOTS more poets at the party on the 24th.